MERRY CHRISTMAS Trademark – AppealbyAmz


Are you wondering if MERRY CHRISTMAS is trademarked.  In fact it is totally true and there are four federally registered trademarks for the term MERRY CHRISTMAS.

          1. “Grape wine; Fruit wine; sparkling grape wine; natural sparkling wines; sparkling fruit wine;  Sweet wines; Sparkling wines; white wine; wine; wines; wines and sparkling wines,”
          2. “Christmas tree decorations and ornaments,”
          3. “Cigarette and cigar boxes; cigarette and cigar boxes not of precious metal; cigar tubes; cigar bands; cigar boxes; cigars; cigar boxes not of precious metal;”
          4. "Wearable garments and clothing, namely, namely, wrap-arounds; hoods; shirts; wraps; bibs not of cloth or paper; caps; children’s and infants’ cloth bibs; children’s cloth eating bibs; clothing, namely, khakis; clothing, infant and toddler one piece clothing; jerseys; shifts; short sets; shoulder wraps; swaddling clothes; ties; tops;” 

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