Amazon Seller Account Suspension – AppealbyAmz
Amazon Seller Account Suspension - AppealbyAmz - Amazon Seller Central
Amazon Seller Account Suspension - AppealbyAmz - Amazon Seller Central
Amazon Seller Account Suspension - AppealbyAmz - Amazon Seller Central
Amazon Seller Account Suspension - AppealbyAmz - Amazon Seller Central
Amazon Seller Account Suspension - AppealbyAmz - Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Account Suspension

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If your Amazon account is suspended you will find the whole business stops and revenue ceases to exist.

Unfortunately, suspensions are extremely common, largely because of Amazon’s strict adherence to customer obsession, an important principle in there mission statement. If anyone at Amazon believes that, for any reason, you are not following there terms and conditions you may find yourself with no sales and a performance notification email in your inbox.

Maintaining the standards is key to being a successful Amazon Seller, and it can sometimes be totally out of your control when a claim is put in place against you which involves an account ban before it is resolved

Amazon’s top quality customer service can just leave you and other sellers totally screwed so to speak!

Now all you need to overcome this is the AppealbyAmz team – a unique firm who understand every in and out of the Amazon operations, with access to elite experience and strong links with ex-Amazon Lawyers. Our team can help any seller who has unfortunately been suspended from the Amazon portal.


Do you currently have the text below in your inbox?

"Your Amazon Seller account has been temporarily deactivated and your listings are no longer active. Funds will not be transferred to you but will be held in your account while we work with you to address the following issue."

Being remove from the Amazon Portal is heartbreaking enough, and to put the cherry on the cake!  Amazon will not even transfer any funds left in the account throughout the period of suspension regardless of the reason they gave.

And is this even fair? Most certainly not! - How can they give perfect customer service and exclusive support to the buyers and not the suppliers?

Running an internet-based business should never be a constant risk – but when you have an Amazon orientated one unfortunately it is!


Reasons for the suspension include:

Inauthentic Complaints
Used item sold as new
Order defect rate >1%
Late shipment rate >4%
Pre-fulfillment cancel rate >2.5%
Seller Fulfiled Prime Metrics
Product Safety Complaints
Listing do not match detail page
Not as advertised
Expired items
Counterfeit item
Selling prohibited Items
Confirming orders prior to actual shipment of the item


    What is included in this product:

    1. Appeal Letter in the time frame purchased
    2. 24/7 service from our team
    3. Unlimited letters to the same appeal case


      Suitable for all Amazon Marketplaces including:



      Please Note: The times available for purchase above represent the time our lawyers will require to complete the appeal letter and information for your unique case.


      1. What Do You Charge?
      All of our fees can be found on our solutions page. Each customer will receive a customized plan and thorough guidance according to their needs. 

      2. What is the timeframe for my appeal letter?
      We offer a vast selection of services, each appeal letter comes between 6-48 hours whilst we examine the situation and generate an appeal letter par excellence. The sooner that you contact us the faster you sell online again!
      3. Is there a Reinstatement Guarantee?
      Amazon has the final word on the reinstatement.
      We will provide as many letters as you need to ensure your account is back up and running again. Do not worry we will never give up, we will be there the whole way through. When you purchase the service our goal is to reinstate you.
      4. Can I Write My Own Appeal?
      Sure no problem everybody likes to save costs where possible. That being said, it may be very hard and time draining to deal with this intense appeal process - a very important one because each denial lowers the chance of reinstatement. Let us help you, we've been there before and have the in-depth knowledge to succeed with your issue.

      5. How long will it take to get reinstated?
      This point is highly dependent on the style and depth of the case with Amazon. Whilst some issues are resolved in hours, the majority of sellers wait 3-7 days for reinstatement, and some lengthy problems take up to a month. 

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