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Complete Guide to Amazon Seller Suspensions


Unfortunately seller suspension is becoming more and more common. If you want to run a successful e-commerce business on the portal, it is super crucial to understand how and why seller accounts get suspended, so you can avoid a suspension yourself and ensure total abidance to the rules and regulations, and know exactly what to do if your Amazon account gets suspended. 

The exact reason for an Amazon seller suspension is really an unknown area when it comes to cooperating and selling on their portal. Their algorithm takes into account such a vast range of factors based on your performance – and overall there are principles set out which you must adhere to so as not to get suspended.

Usually, an Amazon suspension comes down to your level of customer service which you provide on the portal which can be anything from product quality to shipment timing. By monitoring your metrics every day, answering every customer message within the specified time frame given, and by handling any potential issues immediately, your seller performance indicator will reflect your efforts here. If however you ignore the metrics and do not provide customer service which lives up to Amazon Sellers standards, you are placing yourself into a hole which will become a major Amazon failure and breach of policies.

There are various reasons for Amazon suspension – These are usually definite issues which are heavily weighted on the decision to suspend your account.

The main crucial technique in learning how to avoid any type of Amazon seller suspension and other issues on your account, like funds being withheld, is to learn Amazon’s core principles and rules. Keep these in mind when you create your e-commerce business model – it has to be largely based on these principles if you plan to build a successful business on Amazon for any long period of time.



Poor Seller Performance - This is the most frustrating issue for all sellers, the performance metrics are a great standard to work from and be able to tell the current feeling Amazon has about you, but there are other influential factors regarding seller performance that can get your account suspended without notice. 

Policy Violations - One violation of any single policy set by Amazon can get your account flagged for suspicious activity or underperformance. It’s understandable – most of us don’t read the complete terms of agreement when we sign up for something online. But if you want to sell on Amazon, reading every rule and regulation for sellers is an absolute must to avoid issues and a short-term account!

Selling Restricted Items - You probably know that you can’t sell drugs, guns, shells, or any beauty products made with chloroform on Amazon. Some of the restricted items are obvious and the others not obvious at all. Did you know that Amazon’s Restricted Items list includes products such as 3D artwork, clarity-enhanced white diamonds, and replacement video game controllers? Make sure you read up on the restricted items in your market and avoid these products altogether.



Shoot, you've been suspended! What should you do now? Go rage and throw your computer across the room? No please don't! The next steps to get your seller account reinstated ASAP largely depend on why your account has been suspended. If the email you receive from Amazon does not clearly outline why you’ve been suspended, you can always contact us for a consultation on the best way to deal with your situation.

Writing an effective plan of action can take long hours and lots of headache tablets, with many factors which need to be included all dependent on the style and type of suspension you have received.

Unfortunately disputing your Amazon suspension and getting reinstated is a super high hurdle which is not an easy letter, and something you have not likely come across before if it's your first seller account. However, you can build strength and overcome with intense research, dedication and large amounts of persistence to get your Amazon account reinstated.

Your seller customer metrics will be a major factor in determining whether your account is at risk.

You must keep a close eye on each metric on your account to ensure everyone of these customer metrics are in the green and acceptable to keep your seller account in good standing and avoid any potential Amazon suspension.