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Setting up Seller Central

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Step by Step guide to set up your Amazon seller account anywhere in the world

Important Note:

The amount of money you need to start an Amazon business almost depends entirely on where you’re sourcing your products from. 

Below are the main 3 sources for where you can purchase inventory:

  • Retail Stores: Buy items at a local or online retail store, then resell on Amazon
  • Wholesale Suppliers: Buy items from a company like Costco or Walmart, and resell them on Amazon with permission from the brand owners
  • Private Label: Modify and customize your own branded products to sell 

It is best to know what you aim to do before sign up so you can enter all the correct details the first time around


What is included in this product:

 - A full step-by-step guide on how to set up your seller central account today

     - Email support on any questions which arise during setup


    Suitable for all Amazon Marketplaces including:

    1. What Do You Charge?
    All of our fees can be found on our solutions page. Each customer will receive a customized plan and thorough guidance according to their needs. 

    2. What is the timeframe for my appeal letter?
    We offer a vast selection of services, each appeal letter comes between 6-48 hours whilst we examine the situation and generate an appeal letter par excellence. The sooner that you contact us the faster you sell online again!
    3. Is there a Reinstatement Guarantee?
    Amazon has the final word on the reinstatement.
    We will provide as many letters as you need to ensure your account is back up and running again. Do not worry we will never give up, we will be there the whole way through. When you purchase the service our goal is to reinstate you.
    4. Can I Write My Own Appeal?
    Sure no problem everybody likes to save costs where possible. That being said, it may be very hard and time draining to deal with this intense appeal process - a very important one because each denial lowers the chance of reinstatement. Let us help you, we've been there before and have the in-depth knowledge to succeed with your issue.

    5. How long will it take to get reinstated?
    This point is highly dependent on the style and depth of the case with Amazon. Whilst some issues are resolved in hours, the majority of sellers wait 3-7 days for reinstatement, and some lengthy problems take up to a month. 

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